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Falling for a Movie Star

Directed by: Debora Reis Totton
Written by: Luciana Costa Mendes & Debora Reis Totton
Produced by: Aymara Limma & Debora Reis Totton


A Man’s memory of his journey as a young boy, and his first luscious sexual awakening world, while transiting in a dream world of high fashion and cinema.


Frederic returns to a city of dreams filled with glamour, lights, and movie stars. The story is recalled as he is a grown-up man, when he re-visited the same locations of his past imaginations.

As he visits specific places his mind travels through the feelings and emotions of his experiences as a young boy. His present and his past come together in a series of dreamlike memories of his profound infatuation with a Movie Star.

In a mixture of reality and imagination, he remembers the first time he saw her and felt it was love at first sight.

Young Frederic follows the movie star around the city, from the red carpet to majestic hotels, navigating between his natural instincts and this world of illusions. As older Frederic reminisces the past he reaches out to his young self in an attempt to make sense of the man he has become.