Debora Reis Totton is

A Brazilian born American citizen artist. Based in the Netherlands, her work navigates between film, theater, fashion, and politics.

Visually entrancing, is how her work has been described by film critics and scholars.

Her films come with multiples narratives that intend to grapple intellectually, philosophically, and often humorously, the audience. Genres bent are a necessity, and the interweaving of the past, memories, and experiences in multiple levels of the present makes part of her narrative.

She is genuinely intrigued by the relationship between people, culture, and society as a whole for all her life. From the perspective of cinema and media studies, she is interested in how cinema perceives culture and society, and the subsequent power media has to create myths.

To that end, she spent a semester abroad in China, at the Beijing Film Academy, with the purpose to learn, in situ, the relationship between Chinese cinema, people, and nation. Interestingly enough, her awareness and ideas about this relationship started to progress thousands of miles away from Latin America, and more specifically, Brazil.


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